Step 1: Visit Your Doctor

Vaginismus Treatment: Visit Doctor

The first step in your vaginismus treatment plan should be to visit your gynecologist. There are many reasons to do this, such as getting an official diagnosis, and getting your questions answered. Don't worry - the doctor won't judge you, and will be helpful and supportive as you make decisions about your treatment plan.

Get officially diagnosed

The first reason to visit the doctor is that it is possible that you have misdiagnosed yourself, and you have something other than vaginismus. The doctor will be able to check for other problems with your vagina and pelvic area that you cannot check yourself. They may conduct ultrasounds and pelvic exams (I know these can be painful and scary, but you have to tough it out if you want a diagnosis). If you have a problem which is treatable with surgery, then that might be your best option. If you have something which is treatable with drugs, then you should look into that.

Ask your questions

The second reason you should visit your doctor is so you can ask questions. Once you have verified that you have vaginismus, you may have specific questions about your condition, such as:

  • Do you recommend psychological treatment, dilator treatment, or a combination?
  • How do you recommend I proceed with my treatment given my specific situation? (partner/no partner, more or less financial flexibility, etc.)
  • Is there anything unique to my physical situation that would affect my treatment plan?

Don't forget to check your doctor's answers against the list of treatments that don't work. Some doctors are less familiar with vaginismus than others, and if your doctor is giving you advice from this list, I suggest you find a doctor who is more familiar with the condition and its treatment.

After your visit to the doctor, you will be ready for step 2: learning your body.