Step 5: Visit a Sex Therapist

Your next step is to visit a sex therapist. They can help you work out any physical and emotional problems which still remain after you have tried all other reasonable self-treatments. They will help you determine, for your specific case, what the main problems you need to work on are.

Finding a sex therapist isn't too hard, and many offer singles or couples therapy. You can just Google for a sex therapist in your area by typing "sex therapist (city)" into Google, with your city in there. From all the many therapists' websites, you can find the ones which look professional and will be able to meet your needs. Many even offer free phone consultations before you go in, so be sure to take advantage of those. And remember, don't be embarrassed - they are here to help you, and they understand your condition.

If sex therapy doesn't work, you may have to start thinking about getting a consultation for vulvar surgery.