Living With Vaginismus

Maybe you are just beginning your vaginismus treatment process, or maybe you are nearing the end. The fact is, while you still have vaginismus, there are certain things you cannot do. But you can absolutely keep living a fulfilling life - even have a fulfilling sex life.
  • Sexual Pleasure For You
    There still ways to achieve orgasm without penetration. Most women are able to achieve clitoral orgasm by stimulation of the clitoris and other sensitive regions (with the fingers, tongue, etc.).

  • Sexual Pleasure For Your Partner
    While often men prefer sexual intercourse, they can be just as happy with oral sex or hand jobs using lubricant. Experiment with your partner a little - I'm sure you can find things you both enjoy that do not require penetration.

  • Vaginismus and Pregnancy
    Women with vaginismus are still able to become pregnant - in fact, vaginismus does not affect fertility at all. The easiest way to get pregnant while suffering from vaginismus is to simply aim the man's penis at the vaginal opening so that when he ejaculates, the sperm are able to enter the vagina, even though the penis did not. Doctors can provide you with other options if you need. As for whether vaginismus will make the birthing process more painful, no one knows - the birthing process is extremely painful for everyone!

  • Self Esteem and Finding New Partners
    If you are single and looking for a new boyfriend, vaginismus can make you feel uncomfortable in developing close romantic relationships. But you have to realize that if you find someone who truly cares about you, he will not leave you or cheat on you just because you are unable to achieve penetration; there are certainly other ways to be intimate.

    When addressing your vaginismus with a new boyfriend, try to bring it up when you two are not already in a sexual situation. This will allow you two to discuss it with cool heads and you will have time to answer all of his questions. If he cares, he will listen and understand. If not, honestly he wasn't the right guy for you anyway.

  • Learning From Others Who Have Shared Your Experience
    One way to make yourself feel less alone in the process is to check out some vaginismus books. Learning more about your condition, especially from professionals and women who have been through the treatment process themselves, can help you find the strength to accomplish your treatment goals.